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Activities and work plan

The project activities (capacity building and incubation) will cover 1 year. At the end of two years, 100 entrepreneurs will have been trained.

A. Capacity building

Orientation, entrepreneurial training, startup business management training and real time business training will be provided each of which will be of two weeks duration. The complete training will last 224 days.
The training has been implemented on a quarterly basis starting from October 2008. In each quarter:

  • 25 graduates of ICT will be recruited by KIRDI
  • The 25 graduates will undergo an eight-week training offered by Kamtech Associates Private Limited ( India)
  • The training program has been designed specifically to train them become IT entrepreneurs.
  • After completing 8 weeks training they will further take 4 weeks training in India at Kamtech KPO park to experience real life project implementations
  • The graduates, after undergoing 8 week live project training will undertake a further 2 week business development training by the end of which they will have a business plan. Kamtech Associates Pvt. Ltd. will impart this training and ensure the trainees prepare business development plan for startup
  • After 12 months the entrepreneurs will move out from the incubator to their own spaces and carry on the business successfully outside the incubator.
  • Next batch of 25 is admitted to the incubation program after three months thus in first year a total of 100 Enterprenuers are admitted and 75 are put to incubation.
B. Software technology business incubation
  • The 25 entrepreneurs will be admitted to the IT/ITES/ICT incubation programme and helped to set up, manage and grow their enterprises.
  • KIRDI with help from Kamtech Associates Pvt. Ltd. will provide hand holding support by way of common facilitations and common marketing for a period of 8 months, thereafter helping them establish their respective business and start .

To qualify for admission please send an application to the following address:
To download form Click here!

Headquarters (South C Campus - OFF MOMBASA ROAD)
Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI)
Kapiti Road, Off Mombada Road, South C

P.O.Box 30650, nairobi, Kenya
TEL: +254-20-603842/609440
FAX: +254-20-607023

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