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ICT Incubation Training

The training is conducted in the following stages:

1. Entrepreneurial training
The first step towards transforming into an entrepreneur. The metamorphosis includes learning business strategies, financial and operational aspects to a business, and everything from an ‘ idea’ to ‘starting a business’.

2. Project Coordination
Includes skill development for project and HR management, an insight into Employment laws and other employee management activities, handling disasters and manipulating risks.

3. Marketing Skills
The A to Z of marketing the product/service is included. It encompasses market research, branding, public relations and latest trends in marketing such as Online marketing.

4. Real Time ICT/ITES Business Services
Prepares for negotiating, advertising, sales techniques, and most importantly customer service.

5. Software Engineering
The actual development of the product/service requires and in depth knowledge of software engineering practices covered here.

6. Business Plan Preparation
The final rollout of the business plan needs the right mix of information and presentation. The expertise is provided to make a comprehensive yet impressive business plan for the future endeavors of the product/service.

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